NetStairs Social Networking Live

SNL is an interactive social media digital broadcast & collaboration network system. From 2007, we have been waving on “interactive” themes. Today we bring you SNL7 - an advanced yet simple to use Open System interactive social media digital broadcasting & collaboration. It comes with high-level engineering at infrastructure, platform and software as a service. SNL 7 as interactive Cloud is built on some of the most robust, secured and scalable CDN with intelligent CMS administrative settings that could build highly diverse and massive interactive content delivery network infrastructure. SNL7 monetization is founded on "Time", "Bandwidth", and "Storage". We even advise how to monetize it. If you qualify for the rev-share plan we even build your own branded venue at our expense. SNL7 virtual venues may be obtained from participating partners at wholesale and resold as CAPEX and OPEX with services to Global & Wholesale providers. When your online audience deserves face-time, you are ready for SNL7.

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