iMHS & iMHS+

A new era of device innovation this year, along with companies continuing to invest in ICT technology in order to enable their businesses require flexible plans. We are your interactive partner.

Interactive Managed Hosted Solutions

Share your ideas. We have worked with many digital media and technical team around the globe. We implement ROI or cost cutting driven best interactive business practices including working with your ICT team (both Intra and Internet) filling the interactive needs.

We cater to serving your needs. From a one-time event to long-term contractual projects, we are here for you.

Incremental – Pay-as-you-go or Time & Billing Service

Ask for a custom iMHS plan. Choose pay-as-you-go or obtain a monthly and or annual strategy. Our unwavering service plans comes inclusively with our innovative solutions exceeding your expectations.

iMHS + Your Interactive Department.

Need an interactive department? Let NetStairs manage your interactive department turnkey. iMHS+ is designed from ground up. From innovative ideas to managing results, we’ll report to you directly. Many enterprises are pre-occupied with own project developments at hand while some clients may lack real-time expertise. Due to time constraint we bring our know-how and expertise building you an interactive operation. Interactive services through technology is becoming core center fusion amongst companies. Much like Mobile Apps and Web presence traditional marketing has evolved. iMHS+ may serve many facets of corporate real-time communications. We can provide intranet and internet services. Contact NetStairs for a no cost, no obligation online appointment.

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